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Table of Contents


A letter from kEpik to cRonus. One has been poisoned, the other is condemned to die… but there may be a way to save them both.

Chapter 1

The eponymous Teal is introduced. We also meet Eddie (Teal’s best friend), and a school janitor who knows more than he should. Green explosions make their first appearance.

Chapter 2

After Teal’s school is attacked by… something, a detective investigates Teal as a possible suspect. The interview is cut short when Eddie realizes the detective isn’t who he claims to be.

Chapter 3

Teal and Eddie start their own investigation into the events at their high school. They learn that the school is no stranger to weirdness. Research is cut short when they receive news about Teal’s father.

Chapter 4

A visit with Teal’s father goes badly. More explosions. Teal’s mom is added to the list of “people who know more than they should.” (Also, lasers.)

Chapter 5

Teal tries to get information out of his mom. She doesn’t reveal much. An otherwise pleasant morning is interrupted by murder.

Chapter 6

A car chase. In a minivan. (It’s cooler than it sounds.) Some characters survive. Others don’t.

Chapter 7

Teal tries to make sense of recent events. He has limited success. A nap offers temporary respite from the horrors of the last 12 hours.

Chapter 8

Teal awakes to find things getting worse. A lot worse. After a dangerous encounter, he and Eddie return to the school in hopes of getting some answers.

Chapter 9

Answers are received. Unfortunately, the answers are worse than the questions. The Zargansk are introduced, and we learn more about the janitor-who-knows-too-much.

Chapter 10

Secret passageways. Weapons. Explosions. Possibly lasers. One character disappears, another is shot, two others escape.

Chapter 11

Teal’s enemies arrive at the school. A friend disappears. Teal plans a rescue.

Chapter 12

Teal seeks help from an unlikely source. After a narrow escape leaves one character injured, a decision is made to head for the nearest hospital.

Chapter 13

Cronus is revealed, and he needs Teal’s help.

Chapter 14

Glad to finally have a clear-cut mission, Teal attempts to find objects left behind by Cronus. We also learn of a new use for trampoline springs.

Chapter 15

Teal has his first encounter with magic-that’s-not-really-magic. This is followed the best bike chase scene in the history of literature. Seriously – it’s awesome. It should be the standard by which all bike chase scenes are judged.

Also, Teal’s life is saved. By a girl. Named Kyralee.

Chapter 16

Kyralee’s presence raises more questions than answers. Unfortunately, Teal’s curiosity must be put on hold while he and Kyralee rescue another character from certain death.

…or do they? We won’t find out until chapter 17.

Chapter 17

Emnons are helpful. (Don’t know what emnons are? How about reading the book instead of relying on these summaries! Sheesh! Do I have to tell you EVERYTHING?!)

Chapter 18

Sorry about that outburst. I’m just a little tense from all the crap happening to Teal. In this chapter, a lot of enemies appear. Things get stressful. Teal decides to play the hero.

Chapter 19

Heroism is overrated. Fortunately, Teal manages to prevent the capture of at least one friend. Also, magic-that’s-not-really-magic becomes an important part of the story.

Chapter 20

Teal and a friend break into the school. They must be on the right path, because enemies are everywhere. Lasers might make an appearance. (Explosions too.)

Chapter 21

As Teal gets closer to his goal, his enemies become more and more resourceful. It’s going to take more than luck to get him out of this chapter. Disturbing information is revealed about HIRCs.

Chapter 22

Teal accomplishes a key part of Cronus’s mission, but it requires a sacrifice larger than he anticipated. The lines between friend and enemy become blurred as a HIRC offers to help.

Chapter 23

Teal has his first conversation with a Zargansk. As it turns out, they’re not so bad when they’re not trying to kill you. An old friend returns.

Chapter 24

Teal learns key information about the Zargansk and their plans.

Chapter 25

A clever escape isn’t clever enough. Teal is told the location of an antidote for Cronus, but he must meet with Zyken before acquiring it.

Chapter 26

Zyken seems nice enough. He and Teal have an amicable conversation… until Teal interferes with a potential murder. Way to go, Teal.

Chapter 27

Teal’s attempted heroism lands him in his bleakest situation yet. The bleakness is made slightly better by the company of friends.

Chapter 28

If an opportunity to escape seems too good to be true, it probably is. Teal loses someone close to him.

On the plus side, the prologue finally makes sense.

Chapter 29

Teal and his friends make their way to the portalgate. Unfortunately, their plans are no longer secret, and Teal’s enemies use this to their advantage. A traitor (or two) is revealed.

Chapter 30

The final showdown between Teal and the individual hunting him. Some things are resolved. Some things are not.

(This is only the first book in a series. What did you expect?)

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