Where can I download a complete version of Teal?

During the summer of 2010, one chapter of Teal was uploaded each week. As of October 2010, the entire novel is now available at the following location:


Additionally, a paperback copy of Teal is available at either Amazon.com: Teal @ Amazon.com

…or directly from CreateSpace: Teal @ CreateSpace

E-book versions include the Amazon Kindle: Teal for Kindle

…and the Barnes and Noble Nook: Teal for Nook

…and ePub: Teal (ePub)

Why is Teal free?

Teal started as an experiment: could I actually write a full-length novel?  (Apparently I’m not alone – 80+% of adults want to try it.)

The experiment went well, and after completing the novel, I submitted it to the first-ever Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest.  Teal didn’t win, but it was a semi-finalist, which meant it won a free self-publishing deal from Amazon.  (For better or worse, the contest is a thinly veiled way to introduce aspiring writers to Amazon’s self-publishing platform.)

Out of curiosity, I went ahead and made use of the self-publishing prize, but like everyone who’s tried self-publishing, I quickly learned that it takes a lot of work to find readers, even with an official listing on Amazon.com.  I also felt that Teal was a fun, well-written novel – but not a perfect novel – but it was hard to know what specifically I could do to improve it.

So I settled on a different solution: make Teal available online, 100% free, in hopes of receiving unbiased feedback from strangers. Many kind individuals have sent comments, compliments, and suggestions regarding the manuscript (thank you!), and I’ve learned tons of things about writing that would have been difficult to learn otherwise.

While I have since moved on to other writing projects, I still think Teal is a fun YA sci-fi read, so I’ll leave it online as long as the site continues to receive traffic.

(Someday I hope to return to the Teal universe and finish work on a sequel, which I have outlined but not actually written.)

How can I support the Teal project?

While I’m no longer actively working on Teal, I’m always interested in feedback.  Send me a message here.

If you enjoyed the novel, please feel free to share a copy of it with friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else who might enjoy it. That’s right – you are legally allowed and encouraged to download, copy, and share this version of Teal with anyone! (Read more about the novel’s Creative Commons license here.)

Finally, because some kind folks have asked – yes, you are welcome to donate a small amount to the “Teal website hosting fund”.  You can do this via direct donations, or by purchasing a paperback or eBook (Kindle, iPad, etc) copy of the novel. More information is available on the Donate page.

Note: as much as I deeply appreciate monetary support (and this site wouldn’t exist without it!), you are NOT required to donate to enjoy the book.

I have some feedback / comments for the author. How can I contact him?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! All comments can be submitted via my contact form. Please include “Teal” somewhere in the subject line.