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Teal_FrontCoverWelcome to the online version of Teal, a free, CC-licensed YA science fiction novel.

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Praise for Teal

In this promising debut, clearly the first in an intended series, fifteen-year-old Teal and his family move to the city in hopes that doctors there can save his gravely ill father. Seeking refuge in the janitor’s closet from a bully, Teal and his friend Eddie discover a portal that leads to an underground labyrinth built by an alien race called the Zargansk. Soon, they are on the run from men in black suits determined to kill them. Sixteen-year-old Kyralee saves them, but her presence raises more questions than answers. Teal’s feelings for Kyralee weave through this action-packed narrative, reminding us that while he is humanity’s best hope against the Zargansk, he is still a typical ninth-grader. Though the novel doesn’t break any new ground in the genre, the fast pace and cool gadgetry is enough to keep the reader engaged and rooting for Teal and his friends to the very end.

— manuscript review by Publishers Weekly, an independent organization

Note from Tanner: In 2013, I learned that Amazon erased the original ABNA entry page for Teal at some point, including all manuscript reviews. Fortunately, some third-parties provide backups of the original page, such as this one.